Ripped Pants, Why Not?

Every girl in the world is awkward in their own way, and we all feel that reflect on our inner character. I used to shutter at the thought of embarrassing myself, but I’ve learned something, and that is to embrace the awkward! Now the only difference between myself and others on awkwardness scale is the fact that I always seem to run into these awkward situations. One of my more recent escapades happened while I was walking around school, and it sparked a conversation between my best friend and I, and well now… I guess I am trying my hand at blogging! The awkward moment that sparked this crazy idea? A hole in my pants, so big a bread loaf could be shoved through it, the whole loaf! I’m not even exaggerating this time, and I am known for that.

As I was walking through the hall on my way to choir, yes I am a choir nerd at her finest, I was feeling especially confident. I had worn a cute outfit that day, and even put extra time on my hair and makeup, nothing could bring down the bounce in my step.. Or so I thought. While I walked not even a cold breeze could have hinted what I should have felt going on in the back of my favorite jeans. A good friend of mine walked up behind me, with a smile on his face and asked, “You know you have a hole in your jeans right?”

Now a hole just above the pocket, that was microscopic in comparison to the one I would later find, had started to form itself. I assumed he meant that one, so I smiled and laughed telling him of course I knew it was there! With a shake of his head and a laugh he said goodbye and walked on, and I confidently strolled my way into the choir room, saying hello to all my friends along the way. As the scales for warm up began to play I hurried to my seat, sliding in with a smile at only my most favorite choir teacher, Mrs. Robinson (she hates the song so we don’t even try). Suddenly I felt a cold chill where no chill should ever be felt.

You know those dreams where you forget to wear pants to school? This is comparable. I ever so slightly lifted my cheek, and as discreetly as possible probed the place where my naked skin was showing. Certain types of underwear make certain situations more unbearable to say the least, and as I realized with horror, my whole cheek was as naked as the day I was born. To make matters worse I sit in the front row of everyone. I had no other choice, mid song I stood up and ran as fast as I could out of the room. Now, a more rational me later thought this was a bigger scene then need be, but at the time it was all I could think to do.

You would think this is as awkward as it gets right? Well I had extra clothes with me for a gym class that day, but in my blind panic I had left all of my things behind. I rushed into the library, where my beloved best friend Rachael sat, working on her homework. I rushed over to tell her what had happened, and we shared a laugh then tried to come up with a plan on just how to escape with minimal exposure. Let me just say that never are you more thankful for a best friend, then when your butt has decided to sneak a peak at the world around. I ended up getting the clothes I needed to change into, but needless to say this moment will stick with me forever.

Something I learned from this though, is that I can’t sweat the things that are out of my control. Yeah my pants ripped at school, and who knows how many people saw before any one said something. I have to think about it this way, how many others have experienced just this? In 5 years from now, no one will even remember my little pants peak-a-boo moment, so why worry now? I am learning to embrace the awkward, and I am thriving in it. Being able to laugh at myself means I can laugh with others, and isn’t that the best medicine in life? It’s time we all started seeing just how awesome our laughable moments are, because we all have them! So I am going to live inside the imperfection, if I am awkward so be it, I am sticking to it. Image


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